Monday, April 27, 2015

Winged Victory, story telling and local studies

This was in a flier which was distributed by the council
from Marrickville remembers - flier
as was this
  from Marrickville remembers - flier
This article appeared in the local paper
from Inner West Courier Inner City April 14, 2015
You can read more about the Winged Victory ale here, hereand here, and more about the Winged Victory here, and the Marrickville ANZAC march here.

It struck me, that what I find most interesting in this is the story telling.  It is local history, connected to an international event, but through the new storytelling, interesting people in the past in a way they can connect to.

There is a lot of the commemoration of the centenary of the First World War which is not good, but this, because it is connecting to the local war memorial seems to work.  It is a very different depiction to that given in this very impressive and moving, then and now photograph series in the Guardian

but it still works.

You can see a Storify here showing how Winged Victory was depicted as part of Marrickville remembers.
The beermat
and the growler

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