Thursday, April 23, 2015

RA for All: Keeping the Shelves In Order (reblogged with comment) via @raforall

RA for All: Keeping the Shelves In Order:   Every other week I volunteer at my daughter's elementary school library. Although I am often consulted on larger issues pertaining to ...


I am reblogging this from a 2010 post from Becky Spratford because it raises ideas which people still need to think about, and take action on.  It highlights the importance of knowing the collection, presenting it well, and roving to provide services. These are all still really important.  Yes, you need to know the tools to use, whether for reference, reader's advisory or however you are helping the client (and Becky has done lots of great work in other blog posts to highlight some readers' advisory tools), but you need to be in your library space to help clients.

This also involves being in the online space - how do you offer assistance there?  Does your website have a pop up inviting clients to chat with you?

How can you provide the same depth and breadth of services online as in library (it is possible, but it requires thought and action). Enough of my rant, I encourage you to read Becky's post.

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