Monday, December 3, 2012

Biblioteka Haburas Moris, NGO Roman Luan, Atauro Island

Biblioteka Haburas Moris was set up by the NGO Roman Luan.  This NGO is local to Atauro Island, just north of Dili.
 Biblioteka Haburas Moris, NGO Roman Luan, Atauro Island
 The library was set up in 2003. There is a mobile library (boat) when funds are available, to rotate book stock between the primary schools on the island. Two villages on the island are connected by a road, the others are either accessible by walking or by boat. The library collection is mainly books for children.

If given a donation of money they would like to select some appropriate titles for adults in English and Indonesian, mainly at a basic level of reading. It is is really important that staff are able to choose the material for their library themselves. The locals have made books in Tetun because limited materials are available in this language.  The books were lovely, featuring things local children would see as part of their daily lives.
 Biblioteka Haburas Moris, NGO Roman Luan, Atauro Island
The library does not have electricity, but it is very light because of the lattice instead of windows. Biblioteka Haburas Moris, NGO Roman Luan, Atauro Island
The roof is unlined. The library is half a block from the sea, and there are some breezes.

There was a nice space in the library with a table and about a dozen stackable plastic chairs.  The library was being used for information sessions for different sections within the community. 

The library had a really nice feel, and it was great to see local materials used in part of the building.  This would have save significantly on building costs.

You can see some more photographs of the library and books in Tetun in the slideshow below

 If you would like to give money to help this library, contact Libraries for Timor Leste. They have been responsible for funding the mobile (boat) library.  The people I spoke to about the library were very positive about the involvement of Libraries for Timor Leste.

While visiting this library I saw some donations of new books which should never have made it to this island as their subject matter and reading level did not suit the community they were intended for - this is why giving money is a much better option.

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