Tuesday, December 11, 2012

a public library in Baucau

local studies in a public library in Baucau
I can't be more precise than that, as there are two libraries it could be, but there is no sign on the library to narrow it down, and both the libraries have the same address which does not include a street name.

The good things about the library were daily news papers and a collection of publications about Timor Leste. It was good to see this local studies collection which could be used in the library and not borrowed.

The not so good areas include a 1973 copy of Popular Science encyclopedia - and it was not the only title of that age.

Computer and music classes are run for children most afternoons.

Another plus about the library was that it was open on Saturday - most aren't. However, without any sign saying it was a library, and being back off a main road, would make it much harder to find.
You can see more photographs of it here

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