Sunday, June 8, 2014

Creating and designing with digital collections

Yesterday I went to a session of this name as part of Vivid. It featured the work of  Sarah Kenderdine (some examples of her work), 

Lucy Simpson and Kate Sweetapple. It was great to hear from all of them, and the diversity of their work was impressive.

With the fabric work of Lucy Simpson  the art/design starts with the stories, and is meant to be used, it seems that though use, stories are added, as people connect the stories of their lives to the stories of the art works.

Kate Sweetapple had wonderful elements of whimsy in her work exploring names and colours.

Sarah Kenderdine's work connects people to places they can't visit, like a cave system in China which has been closed because the visits are causing destruction of the art works which the caves are famous for. There is also lovely work in India, with Europeana, and the Museum ofVictoria.

It also, for me, connected to the work of Jessica Pigza, bringing stories and art together. 

People were being encouraged to use the State Library data - information about this here.

Much to think about. 

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