Monday, September 19, 2011

Appaloosa Library, Scottsdale, Arizona

The Appaloosa Library is part of the Scottsdale Library Public Library.  It is in a new area of Scottsdale.  It is mostly lit by sunlight, although lights are installed for use on cloudy days.  It is a beautiful building, well designed for the Arizona location. 

The image below shows an education game which is about the library, helping children learn about the environmental features of their library while they are in the building.  The children's area was amazing with lots of games to stimulate brains, and a few to build muscle as well.

Learning space, Children's area - Appaloosa Library
This photograph shows the ceiling of the building with the sculptures highlighting the sculptural nature of the ducting.  It looked great, and fitted well with the overall design of the building.
Ducting and sculpture - Appaloosa Library
This is the outside space, as you can see there is a lot of shading provided by the roof.  Although it was a warm day, it was pleasant in the shade.
Outdoor seating - Appaloosa Library

This was a very well used library with lots of people reading, listening, browsing and receiving assistance from library staff.  You can look at the slideshow below to see more photographs of this library, or click on this link to be able to read about each photograph.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

#geekreads - reading for August

August reading for #geekreads was mixed.

My reading for August included:
  • For the win by Cory Doctorow - an international novel of games and labour unions
  • Mortal instruments by Clarissa Clare - seems to be a move into spoof horror
  • Fast women by Jennifer Crusie
  • Hounded by Kenneth Herne - druid in modern Tempe (with some great laugh out loud moments)
  • Chelsea Mansions by Barry Maitland - another engrossing read 
  • Pervasive games : theory and design by Markus Montola, Jaakko Stenros, and Annika Waern - helped to build by understanding of this kind of game
  • also read New Scientist, Delicious, Jamie


My reading of one title (not on the list above) was progressing well until I read a comment by the author who seemed to like to buy copies of all the books she was using as research tools, and did not seem like to find them in libraries, not if she could not buy a copy for herself.  It made me  think about findability for future researchers, if the titles were all in private collections with no way of even locating holdings (no worldcat equivalent). This does highlight need for libraries to make sure their content is findable electronically.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Simply books - the format does not matter

This bookshop at Salt Lake City Airport was making sure it was reaching a range of reader.  In a very prominent position at the front of the store was a stand displaying kindles for sale.  It fitted really well with the look of the bookshop as you can see.  I photographed this because this is still not a common sight, even in airport bookshops.

Simply books - Salt Lake City
 This photograph shows a close up of the kindle sales stand.
Kindle stand in Simple books - Salt Lake City Airport

Mustang Library, Scottsdale Public Library, Arizona

Mustang Library, part of the Scottsdale Library system had impressive staff desks for helping with roving reference.  The desks were signed info/search with the info part for staff and the search for the public.  There were a few of these throughout the library and they were a very effective way of making opac accessible and signaling staff assistance.

Search / Information space - Mustang Library, Arizona

Mustang Library played with its name in the art works in the library.  These mustangs racing across the bring wall, and trying to break free from it are just one of the many horse themed works of art on display.
Mustangs racing across the library wall - Mustang Library, Arizona
The exterior of the library played with traditional designs giving them a new form.  It was also very practical as part of the area provided a shaded bike rack (a really good idea in Arizona's climate) and another part gave outdoor seating options (also shaded).
Outside Mustang Library, Arizona
This was yet another really impressive library in Arizona. 

You can look at more photographs of Mustang Library, below, or follow this link to be able to read about them as well.