Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A few thoughts about How the world changed social media by by Daniel Miller, Elisabetta Costa, Nell Haynes, Tom McDonald, Razvan Nicolescu, Jolynna Sinanan, Juliano Spyer, Shriram Venkatraman , and Xinyuan Wang

How the World Changed Social Media
How the World Changed Social Media by Daniel Miller,

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This is a very interesting read. It is part of an eleven book series which describe comparative, qualitative, anthropological field work in nine sites around the world. It was done by different anthropologists, who worked together, and did their research at the same time (except for one researcher) so information was comparative. The researchers spent time together for planning and part way through their field work, but researched in different areas around the world.

This volume brings together a summary of the different sites which are described in their separate volumes. This is really interesting because it looks at poly media (people using multiple social medias) and brings in the idea of scalable sociability. It is really interesting for the big picture trends, and differences between the sites. While I may not read all the titles in the series, I am going to read some of other books. The titles are available as free PDFs so that those who participated in the research would be able to read the findings. This is important in reporting back to those who were part of the research. The books are also available as ebooks and in print.

I think this would be interesting reading for people interested in social media or ethnography as a research methodology.

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