Wednesday, May 9, 2018

a few thoughts on the book Shetland Oo: Wool Textiles Work (and it is a lovely local studies publication)

Shetland Oo: Wool Textiles WorkShetland Oo: Wool Textiles Work by Kate Davies
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This is an impressive local studies publication with very beautiful photographs. It is a collaboration between Kate Davies (words) and Tom Barr (photographs) exploring the current wool environment in Shetland. The story of local wool is mostly told through short biographies of people in the whole chain of wool and sheep processing from those who raise the sheep to those who process the wool/leather, and those who spin, knit, design and use wool in other ways.

It is a very interesting look at this part of the world and brings many people into the story of the wool and sheep industry. There is some exploration of the history of wool and knitting on these islands, highlighting the very tough life many of these people have had.

This is a engaging, episodic read and shows how lovely some local studies publications can be.

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