Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A few thoughts on Eat your history: stories and recipes from Australian kitchens by Jacqui Newling

Eat Your History: Stories and Recipes from Australian KitchensEat Your History: Stories and Recipes from Australian Kitchens by Jacqui Newling
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This is an entertaining book looking at a history of eating in Australia. The focus is on foods eaten earlier with reference to more recent times, and starts with food eaten by Indigenous people. The author used a wide range of resources to explore this. There are some interesting recipes included too. Many specific examples were drawn from the resources of Sydney Living Museums sites as their archives contain recipes books and other relevant records from the families. The specific location information makes this book of interest for local studies collections where the named Sydney Living Museums properties are located. It is a highly illustrated publication with examples of the food as well as of some of the material used in the research. It is very much a book of NSW locations, but there are reference to other parts of Australia as well.

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