Monday, April 11, 2016

Spare time?

I follow the work of Ian Anstice by having an rss feed from Public Library News.  In the article 

Libraries lose a quarter of staff as hundreds close it states "Librarian Ian Anstice, who runs the Public Libraries News website in his spare time, said..."

I have not thought of him doing all this work in his spare time. Go back and read the article if you missed this aside. I have though of all the work which produces Public Library News occurring because Ian has prioritised his time, not because he has spare time and was wondering what to do with it.  It shows how careful we have to be about how we describe people's use of their time.  

Do make time to read The most publicity that UK public libraries have had this century? from Public Library News, and consider adding the website or twitter account to your library related news feeds as they are great, and depressing reading.


  1. Hah, yes. I did explain to the BBC that it was outside of working hours, normally from 8pm on. I guess that's "spare time". But it's certainly not time I hope I waste.

  2. Hi Ellen, I am a current Library Services student. Interested to know if you noticed a similar trend of volunteers replacing rather than supplementing paid library roles in Australia? Thanks, Aimee

    1. At present paid staff seem to be holding on. The situation is very different in the UK, although there are big differences there between library services. ALIA had a Statement on voluntary work in library and information services which is still viewable here and I think many libraries stick to this. Looking at the statistics summary from NSLA the staff numbers are much the same for the last five years. This is very different to the bigs cuts in the UK, which are helpfully brought together by Ian Anstice.

  3. I figured that you had made it clear, but they were going for a catchy line. I really enjoy following your blog, and appreciate all the information which you bring together.