Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My review of Common threads: weaving community through collaborative eco-art

Common Threads: Weaving Community through Collaborative Eco-ArtCommon Threads: Weaving Community through Collaborative Eco-Art by Sharon Kallis
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This is a wonderful book, and fits very well with the maker and craftivist books I have been reading to explore what is happening in this space. This is a book about collaborative eco-art, focused on great work happening in Canada. Some of involves using invasive plants in a way which removes them, but also stabilises land. There is a lovely example of knitting ivy for this purpose. This books has lovely examples of eco art, as well a many hints and tips for running successful community collaborations in this space. I was very interested by the local government tie in as well.

Many of these works could be part of local studies work with the community as art techniques are learned and shared, as people talk about plants and about the spaces. I really liked the environmental focus and being able to see photographs of the art works as well as the garden spaces. This book highlighted the value of long term collaboration. An excellent read.

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