Saturday, February 14, 2015

what would the library version of this look like?

This came through my twitter stream.  It was wondering how a global representation of libraries would look like (because IFLA looks a lot different to this). It could not be a world cup of libraries because there is no advantage in eliminating or knocking out libraries (as we see from the massive cuts to libraries in some countries, and how other countries struggle to have a viable public infrastructure for libraries).  We don't want libraries as elite institutions, but libraries for everyone, everywhere.

It made me wonder what the library version of this

would look like. This would translate to the most mentioned libraries on twitter, maybe.

I like the helpful - cricketers on twitter list, and have seen many library/library worker versions of this.

The tagline on Google says 49 matches, 14 teams, over 2 billion fans, and I can see the results.

So I will be watching some of the matches, but also thinking about lots more possibilities for libraries (and I am sure there are lots of possibilities for libraries which specialise in, or have substantial holdings in, cricket).

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