Wednesday, December 17, 2014

book2art meets twitter reading group - kind of

I really like the Library as incubator project blog, I have it in my rss feed and really enjoy their posts.

They have an interesting reading group called booktoart which encourages reading groups to make things inspired by the books which are read each month.  You can join the reading group as a library or as an individual.  There are reading group resources available, so you can read along and craft along too.

While joining this group would be great (and it would be), you could also encourage people to be inspired by making something no matter what is read.  Each title or theme could serve as an inspiration.

This is what I did in 2011 when the twitter reading groups (now Read watch play) was started.  It first came to life as readit2011.  I wanted to encourage people to think about how the themes could be used in their libraries, and so chose a random example of what is possible. I decided that I would make a tea cosy to match each theme.  While the themes are for a twitter discussion they work very well for library displays, story times, face to face reading groups, library programming and much more.  My tea cosies were hopefully a way to help some people think more broadly about what is possible.  They were only ever mentioned on twitter or my blog as they were an out of work activity for me.

whodoneit tea cosy This image shows the tea cosy for #whodoneitit - using crime as an inspiration, and obviously a very bloody crime scene.  It is crazy.

It was only when I started to read about the booktoart club that I started to think about these again, as most of the tea cosies were given away.

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