Sunday, March 9, 2014 rereading and rewatching

I follow on twitter and their blog. They also have a range of short fiction and exerpts which is an excellent way to discover new writers.  Within their blog their have a collection of feature series which are detailed rereading and rewatching of series.  For example there has been a reread of the work of Patrick Rothfuss, a read of Ice and fire, and a re-watch of Star Trek Deep space nine.  As you can tell these are not short works being reread/rewatched.

I have looked at the rereading and rewatching in the past as I think it is an excellent resource for readers advisory staff, especially those who do not read science fiction, fantasy and some horror (as well as for for those who do).  These rereads and rewatching bring detailed analysis in a very readable format.  This material could help with suggestions for clients, as well as collection purchases.  They also allow you to work out the different appeal characteristics and doorways into a work without having to read it.  They also could be interesting tie ins for library services and programs, or even something keen readers are directed to as a referral point.

Until now I have not participated in a reread, mainly because I was often reading or watching things for the first time when the reread was happening.  As you can tell by this I am often a long way behind in my reading.

I have decided to change this pattern, by reading along in the Harry Potter reread.  I am enjoying it so far after one blog post and reading one chapter (and yes it is really a reread for me).

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