Tuesday, February 18, 2014

knitting and readers advisory

Recently I tweeted this link about a knitter who was looking for audio book suggestions. The usual readers advisory principles still apply. You still need to find something which will appeal to the read/listener/watcher. You still need to ask the questions about what the reader enjoys, or feels like listening too. Audio has the added area of is the narrator going work for the listener? Having someone read a book changes the experience, and the voice actors will appeal to different people. Make sure you take that into account. Pace is also important - maybe the listener is doing detailed work and they need a story (fiction or non-fiction) which is easy to pick up if you tune out for a short while, or perhaps a really detailed story is required. Have a talk to some of the knitters at your library (or other people who are doing things they could be listening or watching something else while they are doing).  Not all knitters will enjoy the same stories.

It is also not about knitters as there are many people who are looking for audio for while they are doing different things.  It is about the conversation with the reader/listener/watcher.

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