Sunday, January 19, 2014

The cube at QUT

I have visited The cube at QUT three times last year.  The first visit was for work, the other two visits have been in my own time because I was so impressed (and these photographs are from one of the visits in my own time).

I like the way it is interactive.  I like the way they change the data and the display.  I like the way it gives a different way of thinking about and exploring information, a different way to do research - which may lead to some really exciting outcomes.  I like that it is big, and yes I know big is not necessarily better, but it works really well for this space because it is a public lecture and learning space, not a private discovery space.  I like that it is very public, encouraging collaboration and interaction with other people using the space,  I like that exploring the different data sets is fun, for discovering ideas and information.  You explore to see where the information will take you, even comparative building data and physics.  They have been making great use of local data - of the kind which is of interest for local studies.

You can see the rest of the set here.

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