Thursday, December 19, 2013

HerdyShepherd on twitter

I came across the HerdyShepherd account on twitter from reading an article in The Atlantic (article here) thanks to it coming through my reading on Zite.

Since then I have been following HerdyShepherd  on twitter.   Recently one of the tweets from the account looked for some indicative numbers on who actually looks at the tweets.
This account has over 19 000 followers.  In all likelyhood each person will not see each tweet.  I realise this is broadly indicative data, but I still thought it was an interesting method to use.  Looking at the statistics on the photograph, almost 70 retweets and almost 2000 favourites, it looks like a decent percentage of followers see each tweet, or at least see a percentage of tweets.  I liked the way this broad indicative data was used.

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