Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Share your story

Record your storyThe Defence of Darwin Experience is an impressive museum.  I am not a regular visitor to museums about war, but occasionally will go to see how they are telling the story.

This museum was very impressive, and highlighted the diversity of the population of Darwin both then and now.

There was excellent use of archival information, with different ways to access the different kinds of stories.  You really could see the Defence of Darwin from a whole lot of angles.

They also had this booth, at the end of the exhibition, where you could add your story.  There were simple instructions and you could obtain help of you needed it.

It seemed a very interesting way to capture oral history information, and to let people know that their stories were of interest.

Museum app

I was also impressed with their free wifi, which when you accessed it, encouraged the downloading of the museum app (which was also mentioned on the sandwich board outside the museum).

They were making it really easy in the museum to find out about what was available online.

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