Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I saw this on twitter earlier today, and I have been thinking about it. Lots of other people have been thinking about it too.  I collected some of the tweets in Storify.

I like it because it is about trying, daring, which is more extreme, more risky.  We might fail, we might stuff up, and even more excitingly we might learn some amazing things because we dared to do mighty things and they worked out differently to what we, and others, expected.  That is the bonus for me - different, and yet often better outcomes.

Yes, we need to plan, work hard and all of those things, but we need to take risks without always being totally sure of the outcome, and without re-writing the outcome so it looked like we planned it that way.  I know this can be hard, very hard. 

I think #DareMightyThings is exciting - I am starting to think about what the mighty (and not so mighty) things I may dare.

2 January addition - don't forget that you can #daremightythings in collaboration - as often more amazing things can be done by working together than individually.  It needs a mix - some things by yourself and some things with others.

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