Sunday, August 19, 2012

Klagenfurt, Austria - a scannable kind of library

QR Code signage at the libraryI have been interested for quite a while in location based library resources. My library is wherever I can reach it with a mobile or a portable device. It may also be in a building, but it is nice when is it not restrained by a building too.

Having options are great, plus by having location based library resources it allows me to serendipitiously discover exciting things about my community, reading ideas, local studies images and stories, participate in location based games...and these are only the start.

Klagenfurt, in Austria, a town without a public library has recently introduced location based scanning of library resources in the downtown area.

 It is a location specific experience, and the designers of this resource are willing to share, with the information likely to be available soon. This is an exciting development to watch, as part of a whole library service.

 You can read more about Project Ingeborg.

 There are a growing number of library using QR codes in the community, but there is room for so much more, and the location based access to local studies and connection to local stories is still very restricted. I am looking forward to finding more examples.

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