Thursday, April 5, 2012

The art of video games at the Smithsonian

This looks like it is an amazing exhibition.   The Art of Video Games 2012
Photograph by Blakespot

 I really like that from this one page I can access so many ways of interacting with the exhibition. It is followed with a description, and useful links to public programming, book and USA national tour of the exhibition.  The Smithsonian are making it really easy to connect with this exhibition, and give various social media connections too, as well as highlighting media coverage of this exhibition.  You can also find out about other things the Smithsonian is doing.

I really like this way of getting a lot of information across in a short space, in a way which makes sense.  I am highlighting this example, because it shows what should be possible from every museum, library, archive and gallery, every time.

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