Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I have noticed some people are going for #366books as a way of celebrating the National Year of Reading,  which is great, but I am going for #366daysreading.

I have been thinking about this after reading the discussion on twitter a few days ago, which was interesting, and it made me think about it, which is good.

I am deliberately not going to read a book a day, but instead each day I will plan to read a range of formats. I won't write about them all, but I will write about some. On the way home from work earlier in the week I was reading lots of signs in shops, reading prices, expiry dates, reading people's t-shirts and tattoos (and not being obtrusive about reading either), reading the indicator board to see when my train would arrive. People were carrying lots of things with print, and many people on my train were reading in a range of ways too. Most days I will read a mix of tweets (and other social sites like oink, google+ and getglue), websites (including blogs), apps (even the grocery shopping app I use, rss feeds and content on Flip), games, and a range of long format works in a mix of print and e.
Street art in Enmore
One of the reasons I won't be writing about them all is that it would take much longer to write than it would to read, and to photograph or otherwise record all my reading would be too intrusive (plus not very interesting for anyone other than me). I am inspired by the description on the twitter reading group blog which ends with "All reading is reading no matter the format. Don’t be textist about format, or length of work, or context of reading." I like all the other ideas raised in the section called "what is reading".

I will follow people going for  #366books and #52books with interest.  I will be going along the path of #366daysreading. I probably need a better tag that does not imply I may do nothing else for the year but read.

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