Friday, November 11, 2011

roving shop help

Roving shop support
Michaels staff in Ithaca, NY use these walkie talkies to communicate with one another so they can tap into each other's specialist skills - it is very effective - and a shop version of roving reference.  Michaels is a craft shop with a broad range of craft materials represented.  It would not be possible to be an expert in all the craft options in the shop.

All the staff were wearing these radio headsets including the staff on the checkouts.  They allowed staff to tap into each others expertise so that the cup cake specialist (yes there was one) could talk to the beading expert rather than bluffing or providing inaccurate information.  Staff were very happy to talk about the great assistance these radios were for their customer service.  It was impressive, it was slick and most of all it provided assistance to the people in the shop.

It was also great that the staff were happy with my questions, when I was in the shop as a client. The staff were proud of the system and how it helped them do their work better and help each other.

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