Monday, October 3, 2011

#bookbites - my reading for September

This is the #bookbites tea cosy


My reading for this month included:
  • Spider trap by Barry Maitland (always a pacy author)
  • Bet me by Jennifer Crusie - featuring food as a way of connecting the main characters
  • Seven ancient wonders and Six sacred stones both by Matthew Reilly, and both e-audio.  They are entertaining, pacy reads
  • Hammered by Kevin Herne - think druid in modern Arizona taking on a Norse god
  • The beer cook book by Mary Novak - what is not to like - how to include beer in your cooking from soups to fruitcakes (and yes the recipes are fun to make too)
  • The story of England by Michael Wood - this follows Kibworth from the time of the Romans to the present and is based on very detailed archival records
  • Fun Inc by Tom Chatfield is an excellent overview about the role of games and their potential in our lives
  • Inside cyber warfare by Jeffrey Carr - the name says it all
  • Dark Jenny by Alex Bledsoe - pacy, engaging and a disturbing read - kind of showing how far people will go to prove a point
  • Ghost story by Jim Butcher - I knew it was a set up, and it shows the danger of not balancing the good of a wider group with the good of an individual (and I am not sure it was meant to be making this point)
  • Baking with passion by Dan Lepard and Richard Whittington - I have not been able to try any of the recipes yet - but they are on my to do list
  • Tess Mallos - The complete Middle East cook book - impressive
  • Coraline by Neil Gailman - creepy, but very postive
  • Ready player one by Ernest Kline - about a slightly future world with games and very strong 80s retro elements (it was a page turner - or should I say tapper as I read this, like some of the other titles listed, as an e-book)
  • A new culture of learning : cultivating the imagination in a world of constant change by Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown - excellent
  • Double back by Mark Abernathy - recent thriller set partly in East Timor around the time of the vote for independence

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