Wednesday, March 2, 2011


  The second theme for #readit2011 was #heartreads.  I started several books which I decided not to finish, one for reasons of cruelty between the characters and one because it was an action book without enough action.  I also have a few books underway that I will comment on in March, when I finish them. Several of these titles were read as e-books.
  • Jennifer Crusie The Cinderella deal – academic meets artist
  • Jennifer Crusie Trust me on this – a series of misunderstandings, scams and HEA
  • Gil McNeil The beach street knitting society and yarn club – woman starting life in smaller town after husband was killed in car crash, just after he asked for a divorce.  Quirky characters and knitting.
  • Gil McNeil Needles and pearls- continuation of the above, not HEA but happy and hopeful
  • Garth Nix Drowned Wednesday
  • Garth Nix Sir Thursday
  • Garth Nix Lady Friday
  • Gath Nix Superior Saturday
  • Garth Nix Lord Sunday This was a very interesting series as working through the days of the week, the story builds with reality and fantasy coming together.  It is quite a dark series, but with wonderful humour around the naming of some characters as well.
  • Eli Neiburger Gamers…in the library  This is a solid introduction to mainly games tournaments in public libraries.  
  • Jamie Oliver Jamie’s 30 minute meals – what’s not to like?  They work and are interesting
  • Matthew Reilly Contact (as downloadable audiobook).  I have read this before, but it is still a fun read, and a reminder of why libraries need a good digitisation program with excellent offsite backup
  • Georgette Heyer The convenient wife – not a good one, characters not likeable and story a very long bow
  • Georgette Heyer The devil’s cub – this was a fun romp
Also reading New Scientist, Games informer, Jamie

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