Sunday, February 13, 2011


  Garth Nix in his The keys to the kingdom series has characters, known as Denizens. They inhabit another world connected to ours but not part of it.  They were made by the Great Architect and are process oriented and can not create anything new, but they can produce amazing copies.  They can not see the big picture and they can rarely think creatively or imaginatively.  Superior Denizens have much more flexibility, they still can not create anything new, but their thought processes are more flexible. 

Some of the Denizens are in groups named after beaurocracies such as Sorcerous Supernumeraries and Paper pushers.   The key idea is that there are many characters who are resistant to change, very process oriented and not able to look at the big picture.  Just as well as it is a series of stories and not real. 

By the way it is a very interesting series to read.

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